Children's folk festival

Sveta Nedelja Folk Ensemble is the organizer of the “Sveta Nedelja Children’s Folklore Festival”, which has been held continuously in Sveta Nedelja since 2004.* Throughout its history, the festival had changed its date and location several times, so in the beginning, it was associated with the celebration of the city day of Sveta Nedelja, which is celebrated on the feast of the Holy Trinity. At first, the festival was held on the stage of the main town square, and if the weather was bad, it was held in a tent in front of the fire station. Due to the possibility of bad weather, the festival is held in the sports hall of the Vladimir Deščak elementary school on the last Saturday in October for the last few years.

The year 2018 was special for the “Sveta Nedelja Children’s Folklore Festival” because it was held for the 15th time. Accordingly, we decided that the festival needed to be special, different than before, which is why we concluded that the ”15th Sveta Nedelja Children’s Folklore Festival” should be dedicated to childrens’ folklore sections of national minorities in the Republic of Croatia. The response was more than good. Childrens’ sections of minorities of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bosnia, Italia, Serbia, Ruthenia, Ukraine, and Hungary participated in our festival. We were extremely pleased to see how children nurture the customs of their ancestors in a “foreign” country.

In 2019 we organized the 16th “Sveta Nedelja Children’s Folklore Festival”. The response of the folk ensembles that year was the largest so far. There were 11 folk ensembles from all over Croatia with a total of 13 performances and over 350 performers. Seeing so many ensembles involved makes us extremely happy for several reasons, and the most important is that the cultural customs of Croatia will not die as long as they are nurtured by the youngest.

From the beginning of the festival until today, more than 100 folk ensembles and over 1000 children and other performers have performed at the “Sveta Nedelja Children’s Folklore Festival”. We are proud of this project because there are not many folklore festivals dedicated to children in the Republic of Croatia. This is why our festival is recognized all over Croatia. We are extremely pleased with the fact that our festival became known beyond the borders of Croatia, so, likely, the festival will soon take on an international character.

By organizing the “Sveta Nedelja Children’s Folklore Festival”, we put Sveta Nedelja on the map of important folklore destinations in Croatia. We also hope that by organizing this festival we helped the City to win the title “City of Sveta Nedelja – Child-Friendly City”.

Date: last Saturday in October
Location: sports hall of Vladimir Deščak Elementary School

* exceptionally due to an epidemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, the festival was not held in 2020

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